Black History Month: Celebrity Chef Amadeus Always Returns Home to Help Community

February 11, 2020 - Diversity & Inclusion Florida

See the video about a proud TD customer who teaches youngsters how to cook

For a lot of people, becoming a celebrity chef on the Food Network might be the pinnacle. But for Chef Amadeus, his everlasting legacy in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida is likely to be felt in his charity work teaching disadvantaged youngsters how to cook good and healthy food.

TD's celebration of Black History Month is a key part of our Diversity & Inclusion theme for 2020, "The Power of Our Stories," which highlights the efforts of our colleagues and customers and celebrates our partnerships.

The chef, a TD personal and business customer since 2017, first gained his national fame as the winner of the Food Network's Extreme Chef Mexican Showdown. Chef Amadeus Alejandro Amador, who generally only uses his first name, grew up cooking with his Puerto Rican grandmother and mother, a Philadelphia native. His skills were finely tuned during his time serving in the Navy where he traveled to many locations.

He started his private chef business, Chef Amadeus Culinary Concepts in 2017, which is nationally known for its services, including consulting restaurants and cooking for private events. He noted that TD "has been there ever since the beginning of his journey as a traveling chef."

Always remembers where he came from

However, with all his fame, he's never forgotten his roots. He's made it a point to volunteer, mentoring high school culinary students and teaching cooking classes at local Jacksonville organizations.

"I want the kids to see someone that looks like them, that comes from the same neighborhood, travels the country and yet comes home to cook simple meals with them," Chef Amadeus said. "I am hoping when they get older, they come back and do the same thing."

For Chef Amadeus, Black History Month has a special meaning.

"Everyone should know something about their history and the food of their culture. You should never give up the food from where you came from," he explained.

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