Michelle Obama Book Tour Provides Unique Networking Opportunity

Michelle Obama Book Tour

March 15, 2019 - Our Communities New Jersey, New York and PA

Creating an intimate conversation with an audience of more than 19,000 in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center isn't easy.  Michelle Obama was able to more than accomplish that at two events supporting the release of Becoming – the best-selling hardcover book of 2018.

Among those in the crowd during the evenings of December 1st and 19th were 25 attendees including Employees, Clients and prospects from Corporate and Specialty Banking (CSB), Wealth, Regional Commercial Bank (RCB) and TD Securities (TDS). The networking events were held in a suite at the Barclays Center, allowing for spectacular views of the former First Lady's Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama discussion.

"I am honored that I was able to attend this special event with such an amazing group of women," said Gloribel Cruz, Vice President, Originations, Commercial Real Estate. "I woke up the next day truly inspired and it provided me with an opportunity to network with a client I've been prospecting for a year."

Attendees at both events agreed that Obama more than lived up to the hype. As she told her powerful memoir from growing up on the Southside of Chicago to becoming the first lady, here are some inspirational takeaways:

  • Reward comes to those who work hard despite barriers and obstacles they face.
  • You can do great things when you believe in yourself.
  • Perseverance and initiative will create unexpected change.

"We capitalized on this once-in-a-lifetime event and curated a personalized networking opportunity for teams within CSB, RCB, Wealth and TD Securities," said Marla Willner, Head of Corporate and Specialty Banking. "Not only do events like this exemplify the power and benefits of working together across the Bank as "One TD," but they also provide a unique opportunity to develop and deepen relationships with clients and prospects while reinforcing our commitment to promoting women in leadership." 

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