Employee holding out a hand in welcome to a TD Bank

If it matters to you, it matters to us.

At TD Bank, we believe that banking should be about more than transactions. It should involve real human beings who listen to your needs, understand your challenges and partner with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Personal guidance that helps you realize your dreams.

Technology that delivers the whole bank at your fingertips.

Working side by side to change the world for the better.

We are driven by a simple yet powerful conviction:

People deserve a human bank.

Meet our Leadership Team

Greg Braca headshot

Greg Braca

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Ernie Diaz headshot

Ernie Diaz

Head of Consumer Distribution

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Chris Giamo headshot

Chris Giamo

Head of Commercial Bank

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Ellen Glaessner headshot

Ellen Glaessner

General Counsel

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Anita O'Dell headshot

Anita O'Dell

Chief Auditor

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Andrew Stuart headshot

Andrew Stuart

Head of TD Auto Finance

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Janice Withers headshot

Janice Withers

Chief Information Officer

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Adam Newman headshot

Adam Newman

Chief Risk Officer

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Marla Willner headshot

Marla Willner

Head of Corporate and Specialty Banking

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Jennifer Young headshot

Jennifer Young

Head of Human Resources

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Stephan Schenk headshot

Stephan Schenk

Head of Shared Services and Data & Analytics, AMCB

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Kelvin Tran headshot

Kelvin Tran

Chief Financial Officer

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Richard Taft headshot

Richard Taft

Head of Regulatory Relationships & Government Affairs

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Tyrrell Schmidt  headshot

Tyrrell Schmidt

Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Global Brand

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